Faldingworth Cleaning Services

Hi I'm Sophie...

If you live in Faldingworth village and would like help with your cleaning, then I would like to help you.

I am a 15-year-old, reliable, hard-working Faldingworth resident with an eye for detail and a love of making things nice and clean.

Life can be hectic, and maintaining a spotless home can sometimes seem impossible. That's where I can help. My cleaning services are designed to not only make your home shine but also to give you the precious gift of time.

My prices range from £8.50 / hour and I tend to focus my work on evenings, weekends and school holidays.

Let me take some of the stress out of your day to days life.

For more information please call:

Services Offered

  • Dusting

  • Mopping

  • Sweeping

  • Tidying

  • Emptying Bins

  • Ironing

  • Folding Clothes

  • Vacuuming

  • Regular Cleans

  • One-Off Cleans

  • Car Cleaning

What cleaning services do I provide?

Domestic Cleaning Service From


This can be a weekly clean, including all cleaning duties and ironing, tailored to suit your needs.

It is a personalised service which will help you keep on top of all of your cleaning.

Not sure how many hours you need a cleaner or how much work is involved?

Call me to find out what is best for you.

One-Off Home Cleaning Service

This is just a one-off spring clean. It's an intense and thorough cleaning of your home. The cleaning visit can take several hours depending on the size and condition of your home.

It's one payment which will make your home spotless while you're at work or doing other day-to-day activities.

The cost of a one-off clean varies so call and arrange a visit for more details.

Call Sophie To Find Out More:

"A clean house is a happy one."